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Explosions of Joy: A Memoir of the Grief Counselor for MH370


Co-authored with Trina A. Kraus, Paul Yin laments on broadcasts viewed around the world that "This is not a political crisis, or an aviation crisis, this is a human crisis" in regards to the grieving families of MH370. 

The heart of an English Teacher

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Local Woman Co-Authors Book with Grief Counselor for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

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Read the media coverage following the launch of Explosions of Joy!

Kresta in the Afternoon: Radio Interview

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Listen to an informative interview about Explosions of Joy. What did Paul Yin see as the most prominent issue facing those left behind MH370 in the hours after the plane disappeared from radar? And, unless you click "download now" and fast forward about 20 minutes, you'll also get a healthy dose of spirit-guided meditation (which you just might enjoy as well!).

International Book Awards

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Paul Yin and Trina A. Kraus have been proudly selected as an Award-Winning Finalist in the 2018 International Book Awards!

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