Trailer for 'To the Mill and Back'

What environment spawned Bill Savage's "To the Mill and Back"? Textile mills such as this one in Carlisle, Pennsylvania were once located all over the United States. Generations worked in them, and made lifetime memories in them as well.

"To the Mill and Back"


A trip to a lost world

"To the Mill and Back" by Bill Savage takes readers into a world that once dominated large sections of America's industrial landscape: The local textile mill. 

Climbing into a new world

Two young men in the industrial northeast -- one in the 1950s and another nearly 20 years later, take a trip to the top of a road and encounter their societies in microcosm. They not only meet people representing different parts of society in their times, but also forge a partnership with each other.


This book is inspired by the great coming of age and travel tales, from the Bible to "Moby Dick" and the works of Joseph Conrad. But its main inspiration is the classic by Thomas Mann, "The Magic Mountain," in which a young man encounters a variety of characters who represent pre-World War I Europe. 

Not just the "Me" decade

The book is set in the 1970s, when America, in large part, lost much of its manufacturing economy and turned into a service economy. The guys at the VFW were still young men, and a young man still could learn a lot from them.

Who is the girl?

That's the most common question from readers. Did she really exist? What ever became of her? All I can say is that we all have "that girl" somewhere in our lives, don't we?

Get it while it's hot!

"To the Mill and Back" is available at  ... at least until it becomes a major motion picture!