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Lean but still mean

Recently, while lugging a copy of "To the Mill and Back" around Philadelphia to use at an event I was attending, it dawned on me that it was, all things considered, a pretty thick book. I never intended it to rival "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" for bulk.

Also, I noticed that the original font wasn't so great. I'd also been told that on at least one occasion.

So after all that, I decided it was finally time to make a change. I knew I didn't have to cut any content to make the book smaller. It was a matter of reformatting. So all the words are still there. They just are in a little bit nicer format (Times New Roman, for those in the printing biz) and, more importantly, the wide margins are gone.

As a result, "To the Mill and Back" is about 200 pages shorter! But again, the story hasn't been cut at all! And, as a result of THAT, the price is down, too, on Amazon. So, you can take a look there and, I hope, give it a good review, even if you don't buy it!



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Two writers from Pennsylvania have joined forces for an exciting opportunity for the reading public.

Trina Kraus, a longtime educator and writer from the Lehigh Valley, and Bill Savage, a veteran Pennsylvania journalist who has lived and worked throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland, are teaming up to offer book sellers, libraries, and other organizations the chance to meet the authors, and to look over copies of their latest works in non-fiction and fiction, respectively.

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Trina and Bill would love to meet your customers, library visitors or anyone else who might be interested in these exciting new works. These books have been well-received by those who have read them, but Trina and Bill would like to bring them to new audiences and meet those who might be interested in reading them.


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